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E-Learning Courses in Cultural Diplomacy


The e-Learning Courses program in Cultural Diplomacy 

(February 4th- 28th 2013; March 4th-29th 2013; April 1st-26th 2013)


The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (of the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy) (CCDS)  has developed the Distance Learning department in order to offer and enable different programs to individuals who are interested in field of cultural diplomacy and related areas to have an opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience in this fascinating field. Each program includes four main courses, which are taught in our Masters and PhD programs. In addition, the program offers access to high profile guest lectures, reading material and professional networking opportunities to promote one’s own projects.

The e-Learning department has developed and offers the following programs:

Distance Learning: e-Learning Courses in Cultural Diplomacy & International Relations   

The courses will provide insights into how modern cultural diplomacy can be practiced in a wide variety of settings and contexts around the world. The key objectives of the program are to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of cultural diplomacy within the contemporary interdependent world.

Distance Learning: e-Learning Courses in Cultural Diplomacy with concentration on Cultural Diplomacy in Africa 

Further to the History and Evaluation of The cultural Diplomacy Field and its applications, this program will emphasize how cultural diplomacy can be used as an increasingly useful tool for building cooperation both regionally and globally, and explores avenues through which this new form of diplomacy can be used as a driving force to foster good governance, development and the promotion of human rights through the African continent.

Distance Learning: e-Learning Courses in Cultural Diplomacy with concentration on the Global Economy 

As the move towards more socially responsible business practices gains momentum, the ability to understand and embrace the different values and needs of diverse cultures and societies becomes ever more important. This program will analyze the many reasons why private companies need to be aware of the differences between cultures in their strategic decision-making process and adopt cultural diplomacy models into their agenda. It is in recognition of these three trends: the growing importance of intercultural communication to the private sector, the increasing influence of national image to economics, and the opening up of the global economy, that the ICD has established the E-Learning Courses program in Cultural Diplomacy with the Concentration on the Global Economy.

Distance Learning: e-Learning Courses in Cultural Diplomacy with concentration on the Media 

Further to the History and Evaluation of The cultural Diplomacy Field and its applications , the E-Learning Courses program in Cultural Diplomacy and the Media will focus on the media and its relationship to cultural diplomacy and the international community. The program will emphasize how cultural diplomacy can be used as an increasingly useful tool for bridging the gap between society and the Media, and the role cultural diplomacy can play in shaping the field of communications

Certificate/Accreditation - All students will be awarded an official certificate accredited by the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy’s academic board upon completion of the program. Each certificate will be signed by members of the ICD Academy and Advisory Boards, which include high-level politicians, leading academics and renowned experts, all of whom are responsible for assuring the academic quality of each of the courses as well as the individual intellectual experience of each student. For those students who implement specific projects of cultural diplomacy or write exceptional final papers for their e-learning course it is possible for the student to request letters of recommendation from the ICD to assist in their career development.

Dates, Financials & Application Procedure

The next Programs will be conducted on: February 4th- 28th, 2013; March 4th- 28th, 2013; April 1st-26th, 2013

Financials - The tuition fee for the program is 600 Euros (including 4 courses) to be paid upon acceptance to the program. The payment instructions will be sent to students together with the acceptance letter. 

Program Methodology & Course Descriptions

The courses have been designed in a flexible way to allow students to structure their instruction around their own schedules. Students will be required to do weekly readings and interact with fellow students and professors via the website; however, students can pace themselves according to their preferences. A final paper will be required, upon which the course grade will be based. 

The program includes the following components:

Video lectures which students can watch at their convenience

Reading material relevant to the course’s different modules;

Online mentoring, discussion forums, and assessments;

Networking access to other students and professionals enrolled in the e-Learning courses

Final Paper to be completed within 90 days from the end of the course


The courses will be delivered via the e-learning platform module, a pedagogical tool designed to help participants meet the course's learning objectives through a self-paced study routine supported by multimedia, required and optional readings, discussion forums, assessment quizzes, and a wealth of other information. Adapted specifically to full-time professionals, participants will learn by absorbing (reading), doing (exercises), interacting (online forum) and reflecting (relating to personal experiences).

ICD link: www.ccds-berlin.de

Montag, 4. Februar 2013 - 9:00 - 18:00
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