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Veranstaltung - Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012 (ganztägig)

PANEURHYTHMY - Tai Chi Dance Workshop for free

von mashia

guided by Sensei Mashia (blind Shaolin Monk)

First appointment of three: 15.07.2012 at 11am

Time duration per lesson: 3 hours

Where? Park in Berlin or in a class room


Paneurhythmy is a magical exercise from Bulgaria, midway between dance and Taï Chi.

It consists of a sequence of exercises danced under music with a poetical text. It has three parts: a cycle of 28 exercises, a cycle titled “Rays of the Sun”, and a cycle titled “Pentagram”.

Paneurhythmy is danced in pairs forming a circle. One person of the pair represents the masculine principle; the other one represents the feminine principle.

For more details please call: 0176/79783200    email: mashia144@libero.it

Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012 (ganztägig)
12359 Berlin


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