Current online events in Berlin

Current online events in Berlin

Those who cannot go out or prefer to stay at home can enjoy music and sports events, comedy programmes and readings in the livestream: All dates and tickets at a glance.

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Bruchlinien (Onlinezugang) - Uraufführung – Melissa Anna Schmidt und Urs Fabian Winiger
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Bruchlinien (online access) - premiere

Is this the right place to tell everything? There will never be the right place. Every place is a place of uncertainty. more

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Jurassica Parka
Mario Olszinski

Jurassica Parka: Glitter always works

The Berlin Drag Queen invites colleagues* from show and media to the stage of the BKA foyer. There will be chattering, gossiping, playing and of course drinking schnapps and sparkling wine. more

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